To Subscribe or Unsubscribe to The Register-Guard?

Regarding the Nov. 3 Eugene Weekly Slant urging us to “please don’t stop subscribing (to the RG) — we need a local daily newspaper”:

I have been a subscriber for decades, and mourn the decline of our local daily newspaper, which just raised my monthly rate by 25 percent. This after ending Saturday delivery, dropping opinions and letters to the editor, one feature I always read. Today’s front page had a local article on parks, then a story of a brewery in Bend, and the remainder full and half-page ads and national news I can get online from excellent journalists. I don’t follow sports — so much for section two.

The RG under Gannett Co. continues to make it more difficult to support a “local” newspaper. While I realize it takes money to operate a newspaper, this one is now in the clutches of a corporation which needs to show a profit for its investors, thus its decline.

Carol Ipsen