Two Political Parties = One Big Party Of Power

As I volunteered at the Egan Warming Center lately I wondered: Billion$ for corporations here and neo-nazis abroad? Nothing for the unhoused, the poor, the desperate, the sick, the dispossessed working class or those being tortured, abused and killed by our cruel and rapacious economy/politics?

I’ve become a pariah as I rant against government overreach, but I see rebellion and resistance as the only way to safeguard my integrity. Being passive and complacent destroys any hope of heading off the self-righteous suicide our society is hurtling towards. As some anxiously await election results, others realize that any liberal who thinks voting can change anything is as delusional as the Christian right they love to disparage. We need to ignore the paradigm that tries to divide leftists against the deplorables, the unvaxxed, the rights-deniers, the election-deniers and Putin puppets. We need to make the powerful afraid of us the way Ralph Nader did with then-President Richard Nixon, pressuring him to pass the Clean Water Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act and to create the EPA. Resist the oligarchs who pose as a two-party system!

Stephen Cole