U.S. Greatness Does Not Include Politics

We just had an election in the U.S. It was more of the SOBS: same old bull shit. American politics is one of the causes of reduction in mental and emotional health in this country. We still have this dumb two-party system that divided the nation.

We might as well call it the Divided States of America. Most of these politicians aren’t focused on creating a better nation; they just want to win. They don’t want to acknowledge that most of the issues have pros and cons. They should strive to find common ground on what kind of nation and communities we want to live in. Then discussions on these issues should take place in order to best help us attain the visions that were set forth.

We don’t have that, though. We have most politicians focused on doing and saying things to try to appeal to enough voters in order to win. Then, whichever side is the minority in power tries to prevent the majority side from getting anything done. They don’t want the other side to have success, even if their plans make some sense.

If something gets done, the opposing party just focuses on the cons of the action instead of the pros. That way, when the next election comes around, politicians can say “My opponent sucked. Vote for me.” It’s a bunch of childish nonsense. In many ways, the U.S. is great. Politics certainly isn’t one of them.

Mike Schwab


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