Isaacson Will Do What’s Right

I want to introduce my friend Daniel Isaacson for the vacant Eugene City Council position.

Isaacson is a vital, involved participant in our community. His business employs over 35 of our neighbors in the Whiteaker district. Isaacson led the all-volunteer Red Cross Relief Center at Silke Field after the devastating Holiday Farm Fire. As the NAMI president, he has led the fight for mental healthcare, added funding and reduced stigmatizing of those with mental illness. Isaacson has been the co-chair of the Suicide Prevention Coalition, resulting in the first drop in suicides in 20 years. Isaacson worked with the city to get a lit crosswalk on River Road after a neighbor died.

Isaacson is committed to holding weekly office hours and town halls to hear the community’s concerns and needs, thereby proving to his neighbors his dedication and worthiness to the position of city councilor.

Isaacson and his family live in the River Road area. His son attends one of the elementary schools.

Isaacson holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and a master’s in public administration from the University of Arizona. He is a life-long resident of Oregon. He is aptly qualified. 

I support Isaacson. We can trust him to do what is right for our neighborhoods in Eugene Ward 7.

Katrina Bowser