Where Did Eugene Go?

Day-to-day living in south university Eugene used to be peaceful, an area known for a distinct lack of vulgarity. Over the last year this ideal has vanished. Bikers and cars alike run stop signs and lights, cursing the right-of-way driver for politely honking to notify them of their discretion and to prevent a collision. College-student parties blare music at ridiculous levels all night long, in utter disrespectful disregard. Trash litters the streets and alleyways. Community standards are shattered, the flaming wreckage of a generation raised on iPhones and social media.

There is no longer a vibe, a sense of place, an island of unity standing in contrast to the eroding morality of a perversely polarized country. What the hell happened? How did it all become such a frothing, putrid mess of adolescence, vanity and simple mindedness?

Jeff Salata


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