Animal Hoarding Doc Should Be Punished

Thank you, Eugene Weekly, for making sure that the horrific behavior of Dr. Christy Horton (“A Track Record of Neglect,” EW 11/23) was not swept under the rug and forgotten or hidden as she has done before and, I believe, will do again. I am totally dumbfounded that she was only given a one-year ruling of not being allowed animals. She has a history of failure to appear.

She is not safe to have animals at all. She has already gone far beyond the lines of being capable of being a healthy pet owner. She is abusive and an animal hoarder. I am so upset with the fact that she not only will be allowed animals again some day, but that she wasn’t mandated to attend any form of psychological counseling. I think that at the least she should be forced to spend three or more months in a jail in a single cell. No reading materials, etc.

Feed her randomly so she has no idea if or when her next meal is coming. No medical care, etc. She needs to be treated like the way her animals were by her. They should have people who abuse animals report publicly like sex offenders. I am not a mean person, but non-violent, level headed, and creative legal punishment that actually means something is called for. I bet you there are a multitude of animals out there that can’t speak for themselves that would agree. Great article, Charles Gearing.

Sasha Norris