Thank You For Better Health

Thank you to all those who voted for Ballot Measure 111, which enshrined the right to health care in the Oregon Constitution. Oregon became the first state in the union to pass specific language that ensures that everyone in our state will have access to clinically appropriate affordable health care. And thank you to the 58 organizations that supported the measure.

I realize that many people voted “No” in fear of lawsuits and more taxes. These fears are premature. However, it will be worth watching this legislative session to see what our representatives will come up with to satisfy the state’s promise.

Being a volunteer for Health Care for All Oregon, I am in hopes that the Legislature will come up with a health care plan that will cover everybody so we have no need to pay health insurance companies; end bankruptcies due to illness; end the need and dependency for employer provided health insurance; and cover all our expenses for health care including dental care, vision care, hearing aids and mental care. This plan should pay health care providers better than Medicare, encouraging more people to choose the medical field for their career.

If you can identify with this proposal please contact to volunteer and lend your support for a better and cheaper way to provide the health care that we all need sometime during our lives. 

Lou Sinniger