Boycott Dizzy Dean’s Donuts

The video of the owner callously throwing mop bucket water on a sleeping person was first posted on Reddit. The owner tried to blame the wet homeless woman, then laughed about it. I have questions. What does the video tell you about the owner? Does he have a collection of videos he gets out to watch when he needs to feel superior? If the supposed fire was big enough to hear inside at the other end of the building, then why isn’t a fire visible? If there actually had been a fire beside her, the trailer would have been put at risk, not the cinderblock building.

C’mon, really? In my opinion the nonexistent “fire” was a poor justification for actions tantamount to curb stomping the sleeping destitute.

Maybe she only had the clothes on her back because her (and other Eugene homeless’) survival gear were swept into a dumpster. We’re told nothing will be done unless the victim comes forward. Maybe she can’t come forward due to a warrant for not paying a fine for sleeping. Regardless, charges should be pressed on her behalf. If the owner is actually charged, he will probably just get a slap on the wrist. Since he values his livelihood more than being a decent human being, I think a boycott is appropriate. 

Kevin W. Cook


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