Another Plea For Eugene

While riding home on my bike the public street was completely blocked by a huge cloud of dust, fumes and the horrible loud noise of leaf blowers. I made a complaint to the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, and I talked to the head person, who spent the whole conversation defending leaf blowers. This contributes to air pollutants that we all breathe along with smoke from wood stoves.

Add the never ending noise of automobiles, trucks, trains, lawn mowers, drag racers and Zip-O-Laminators. The train noise solution which we were told was going to take place is now on hold indefinitely. Why does Salem get quiet zones and not us?

These things take a terrible toll on humans, especially the homeless, and other lives. I am awakened by the train at night as are the people near Zip-O. This plus air pollution creates illness both mental and physically.

The push for density takes its toll. Everyone deserves to be able to breathe clean air and sleep without getting awakened by horrible noises. Whatever happened to cities and counties protecting the people’s wellbeing?

Jean Denis