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Everybody needs a little help sometimes; here's some ideas of where you can spread your love

There’s a lot of reasons to give at this time of year: The cold and dark makes us want to reach out a little bit, it’s the giving season, and, well of course, the tax season is upon us. Most importantly, everyone and everything — from people, to animals to our ecosystem — needs a little help sometimes. 

So in the spirit of giving — whether it’s now or year-round — Eugene Weekly asks local nonprofits and their supporters to send us their information, and why they should be supported, so we can let readers know what amazing work gets done in this community and, in the cases of several locally based nonprofits, around the world.

Did your favorite charity forget to submit? Write us a letter,, and tell our readers about the nonprofit you’d like to see supported. And don’t forget that it’s not just money that some of these groups need, you can volunteer your time — and sometimes just a kind word means everything. 


Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE)
1401 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-242-2364,

“ABAE is the ultimate spotlight for artists. I love seeing all the relationships they have helped start in our community.” — Athena Delene, photographer 


Photo by Jeremy Running Photography

Oregon Country Fair
442 Lawrence St., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-343-4298,,

“I support the Oregon Country Fair because the amazingly fun, world-class annual Fair helps support regional artisans, chefs and entertainers while also raising thousands of dollars for great causes year-round, including arts education in West Lane County, KOCF 92.7-FM radio, Culture Jam youth camp and numerous Lane County charities.” — Suzi Prozanski, local author 


Beyond Toxics
PO Box 1106, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-465-8860,,

“It’s important to support the work of Beyond Toxics because they have the capacity and the knowledge to deal with all the agencies that are necessary to negotiate cleanups in our neighborhoods, negotiating laws and protections that the average person cannot navigate on their own.” — Andrea Di Palma, west Eugene resident

Breach Collective
PO Box 5291, Eugene, OR 97405. 347-416-4715,

“Through their work with the community and their policy chops, Breach Collective has reinvigorated the climate movement in Eugene.” — Former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy


Cascadia Wildlands

Cascadia Wildlands
PO Box 10455, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-434-1463,

“Cascadia Wildlands not only protects our favorite critters and wild places in Oregon, but they bring our community together in fun and unique ways to accomplish crucial goals that will pay dividends into the future!” — Sally Cummings, Evidence-Based Health Initiative coordinator, YMCA

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
1412 Pearl St., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-687-8454,

“I’m proud to support the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, a Eugene nonprofit that collaborates with grassroots advocates around the world to defend the climate, communities and key ecosystems.”  Jim Stratton

NextStep Recycling
987 Garfield St., Eugene, OR 97402. 541-868-0904,

“On behalf of our instructors, coaches, managers, teachers and students I wish to thank you for your most generous donation of 24 laptops. That donation translates into 24 groups of 10 teachers learning to speak English well enough to teach in English. The impact will ripple out to their homes and into their communities.” —  Rwanda English Project 


Toolbox project

ToolBox Project
2235 Adams St., Eugene, OR 97405. 541-838-0125,

“I can’t afford to own a lot of tools, nor do I have room in my home to store them. The ToolBox Project shares tools for free or a low rental fee for a week at a time, which saves me money and space, while avoiding gross consumerism and waste.” — Steve Piercy, ToolBox volunteer and member


Eugene Weekly’s Twin Rivers Institute for Press Support (TRIPS)
Checks to ANF: Eugene Weekly TRIPS
Alternative Newsweekly Foundation, c/o Kevin Goldberg, secretary 253 Tennessee Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

“Where can you share your thoughts and learn what your neighbors are thinking about the issues of the day? Eugene Weekly provides that needed community forum. It takes a local newspaper to sustain a village.”
Susan Palmer, Eugene-based writer

Journalistic Learning Initiative
2852 Willamette St. #241, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-685-9200,

“I give to JLI because the impact on students inspires me. They become empowered as they find their voice, gain confidence and develop skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.” — Susan Castillo, former Oregon superintendent of public instruction 


Adventure! Children’s Museum
490 Valley River Center, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-653-9629,,

“Adventure! Children’s Museum is an asset to the community for kids of all ages and a sanity saver for parents; there’s nothing like it anywhere!” — Krystal Elms

CIELO de Amor
107 Ash St., Eugene, OR 97402. 458-201-9593,

“CIELO De Amor is an incredible Eugene-based organization, providing specialized wheelchairs to children with disabilities in Ecuador and Nicaragua, training local people to repair and adjust them, creating job opportunities, and focusing on local sustainability.” — Krista Swanson

Eugene Public Library Foundation
100 W. 10th Ave, Ste. 317, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-338-7018,,

Free Bikes 4 Kidz
1500 Westec Dr., Eugene, OR 97402,, Instagram @fb4keugspfld

“Free Bikes 4 Kidz changes lives — it’s incredible to see a kid’s face light up when they’re gifted a bike that will provide them with a tool for fun, freedom, adventure and a means of getting the places they need to go.”
Sarah Mazze, Eugene School District 4J, Safe Routes to School coordinator

Friends of the Eugene Public Library
100 W. 10th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-484-1452,

“As volunteers we support the opportunities this great organization provides our community by funding enhanced library programs, offering low cost books through the downtown Second Hand Prose bookstore and periodic books sales.” — Jane and Bob Gilbert

The Game Academy
155 E. 49th Ave., Eugene OR 97405. 415-347-3446,

“The Game Academy’s weekly games and summer camps are a highlight of our son’s life and fit perfectly with the values and skills we want for him — to think independently, collaborate effectively, question what is right, what is wrong, and find in himself confidence and creativity.” — Beryl Vaughan, local parent of a 14 year-old participant

Healthy Moves
115 W. 8th Ave. Ste. 216, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-632-2541,

“Providing kids with physical activity during the school day is reflected in better grades, fewer absences, and happier youngsters. Healthy Moves is dedicated to children’s well-being, and that’s why I support them!” — Rosemary Camozzi

Hygge Tutoring
PO Box 23522, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-515-7122,, (not 501c3)

“The idea for Hygge Tutoring started out as a conversation over lunch and has now become a nationwide organization dedicated to bridging the gap in academic support in low-income communities.”  Jenny Mavintana 


Lane county diaper bank

Lane County Diaper Bank
5729 Main St. #176, Springfield, OR 97478. 541-213-0706,,

SMART Reading
PO Box 1378, Springfield, OR 97477. 541-600-8035,,

“Witnessing the smiles, the laughter, the wonder and curiosity these kiddos find in the books and the time they share with their reader volunteers is heartwarming and magical!” — Sue Brown


Solid Strides
PO Box 573, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455. 541-729-5767,

“Solid Strides is an innovative emerging organization that reduces barriers to entry for historically excluded riders, and whose unique horse and human welfare-centered equine education provides personal development opportunities alongside rider skill-building.” — Ashley Buice



Edelic Center

Edelic Center for Ethnobotanical Services
30 E. 33rd Ave. #5072, Eugene, OR 97405. 541-654-7033,,

“Edelic has been supporting our community’s access to organic potent ethnobotanicals for almost 10 years by hosting the largest psychedelic lending library in the state of Oregon, integration circles, workshops, lectures, films and decriminalization efforts.” —  Prism

Hearts for Hospice Retail Shop
444 Main St., Springfield, OR 97477. 541-505-9232,

“Shopping at Hearts for Hospice resale shop is like a treasure hunt — and bonus, all profits directly benefit local hospice organizations!” — Ashley Atkinson 

HIV Alliance
1195 City View St. Eugene, OR 97402. 541-342-5088,

“With a mobile health clinic reaching people who are unhoused, a medical clinic in Eugene, behavioral health and housing services, along with care coordination for people living with HIV and extensive efforts to prevent new HIV infections; HIV Alliance is critical to improving health outcomes for our community, especially for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, and your support is crucial.” — Briana Axline, family nurse practitioner

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon
3579 Franklin Blvd., Eugene, OR 97403. 541-246-1039,

“I am forever grateful that I have been able to maintain good health because of the caring people at Planned Parenthood and the support of the public and our government representatives to provide this specialized care and education.”  Jill Powers, middle/secondary educator and nurse 



Willamette Farm and Food Coalition

Willamette Farm and Food Coalition
PO Box 41672, Eugene, OR 97404. 541-658-0715,,

“A lot of people I meet understand the value of a local food network, but don’t know how to do it. I like that WFFC cares about helping people eat local food, but they also pay attention to the nitty gritty of what it takes to make that happen. Not just spreading the word, but building real, practical connections between local producers — the farmers and ranchers — and consumers.” — Christian Kauffmann, Cheshire


Springfield Eugene Tenant Association
1272 Willamette St. #110, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-972-3715,

“I think that SETA is a wonderful organization and is doing great work.” — John VanLandingham, Oregon Law Center 


The Kareng Fund
30 E. Broadway Ste. 124, Eugene 97401. 541-556-4429,  

“In supporting the Kareng Fund as a meaningful part of my annual charitable giving, I show my gratitude to artists and crafters who face an unexpected crisis and need financial help.” — Pearl Wolfe

Black Thistle Street Aid
1950 Franklin Blvd. #23, Eugene, OR 97403. 541-819-0699,

“I support Black Thistle Street Aid because our community members deserve access to health care and to not die from preventable infections and injuries.” — Alice Knutson

Community Outreach through Radical Empowerment (CORE)
3003 W. 11th Ave. #277, Eugene, OR 97402. 503-877-5320,,

“CORE provides crucial support to the youth in our community who would otherwise be ignored; they meet the youth exactly where they are without judgment and aren’t afraid to dig deep and create meaningful change within our community.”  — Lulu Roberts 

499 W. 4th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-686-1262,

“I support ShelterCare because I believe in its mission and the many programs it runs to help the community. In particular, as a physician, I support the ShelterCare medical recuperation program for unhoused patients needing a place to go after being in the hospital.” — Thomas Harburg, M.D. retired medical director, Kaiser Permanente


Blue Barn Farm & Sanctuary
33705 E. Harvey Rd., Creswell, OR 97426. 847-682-2286,

“I love how Blue Barn brings rescued animals and humans together by teaching kindness, compassion, and empathy through humane education. I am proud to support them and their mission as a volunteer and monthly donor.” — Kirsten Reindel, Blue Barn supporter

Cat Rescue and Adoption Network
PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475. 541-225-4955,

“This local no-kill rescue is an all-volunteer organization with hard working volunteers who work diligently to ensure homeless cats in our community get the help they need. They also focus on special needs cats, such as elderly kitties and those with medical needs.” — Sharil Stinson

Greenhill Humane Society
88530 Green Hill Rd., Eugene, OR 97402. 541-689-1503, 

“Greenhill offers a safe haven to some of the most deserving members of our community  — the animals. Their state-of-the-art facility, high level of care, and outreach program make Greenhill an invaluable asset to Lane County and beyond.” — Dee Dee Fasquel, owner of Luckydog Day & Night Care

Oregon Coast Humane Society
2840 Rhododendron Dr., Florence, OR 97439. 541-997-4277,

“On a fairly regular basis, we visit OCHS. They are always happy to see their alumni and how they have grown and progressed.” — Frank and Tami Armendariz, previous adopters


Oregon Horse Rescue.

Oregon Horse Rescue
4325 Commerce St. Ste. 111-463, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-520-0371,,

“Oregon Horse Rescue is a passionate and dedicated advocate for horses in need of rehabilitation, healing, re-homing, adoption and sanctuary; please join me in supporting this very worthy rescue organization.” — Gail Harris

PO Box 1823, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-799-0441, 

“Unhoused pets don’t choose their living conditions. I choose to help make their lives healthier through giving at Pro-Bone-O.” — Tera Dschaak-James, co-owner of Training Spot

Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary
82940 Hurlburt Ln., Creswell, OR 97426. 541-870-9952,

“Welcome Home is a magical healing community where animals are given a second chance through compassion, respect and devotion. — Jeremy Evans


Strawberry Mountain Rescue and Rehab

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs Rescue and Rehab
PO Box 2133, Roseburg, OR 97470. 541-784-5522,

“Strawberry Mountain Mustangs champions horses in need; they are passionately dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, training and responsible re-homing of horses that were neglected or abused and looks after them for life.” — Alexandria Gray, horse adopter

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