Who Will Cover The End Of Humanity?

Perhaps Eugene Weekly is not up to the task of becoming the go-to newspaper for Eugene — yet. I quit my subscription to The Register-Guard as did my entire family because the RG is a joke of a newspaper. I still don’t get why EW wants citizens to keep their subscriptions to this failed newspaper/corporate tax write-off called the RG. Any corporate owned newspaper is corrupted by money and greed. They can never be trusted to tell the truth.

While I have your attention: No amount of solar or wind power will change the serious situation caused by burning hydrocarbons. Stand on any overpass along a major highway in any city in the U.S. and count the number of vehicles that pass under your feet day and night. Do that for about an hour and then multiply that by the number of cities with similar highways on the earth. Just one hour and you should be able to see the picture that we are doomed by capitalists and their greed. I’ve abandoned all hope except for the one where the Earth rids itself of the human disease on its surface. Sorry, I don’t have children, and I see the human race killing itself off slowly. The dinosaurs seemed to be much more intelligent.

Tom Baxter


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