Fight Climate Change Locally

Perhaps, like me for years, you may have paid zero attention to local governance?

Twelve years ago I woke up to the magnitude of the climate crisis. That led me to hundreds of volunteer hours attending community engagement opportunities to learn about the Climate Energy Action Plan (CEAP, 2010), Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO, 2016) and the Climate Action Plan (CAP2.0, 2019).

Appreciation and kudos to former Mayor Kitty Piercy, who heard our community loud and clear demanding climate action.

Now the rubber is hitting the road as Eugene moves to meet the goals of the CRO by mandating electrification in all new residential construction. Like the advent of the automobile, which took some jobs from buggy whip workers and angered those who loved horses, there are those struggling with the transition to clean energy. We are fortunate that Mayor Lucy Vinis, a handful of councilors and the city staff are fighting to leave our kids a livable planet. 

Let them know you have their backs!

Debra McGee


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