Fusion Energy Too Little, Too Late

Headline: “Fusion Breakthrough Could Be a Game Changer.” Really? No.

Even the most avid proponents admit that it would take decades to build even a working prototype. Reality check: We don’t have decades to squander in desperate searches for technological fixes for our climate crisis. It is happening now. It will get worse. We have increased the average global temperature by 1.2 degrees Celsius in the past 170 years. We are currently on track to double that increase in just the next 70 years. Let that sink in.

The real question is, what game do we want to play? Save infinite-growth-dependent industrial civilization? Save a feudal economy controlled by a handful of billionaires? Save only the human race? Or do we want to play the only game that will see some of us survive this century — save the natural world, the world we cannot live without. We are currently losing that game badly. Every day we help 200 species go extinct. Every day we gobble up 90 square miles of wildlife habitat. Read Bright Green Lies.

Jere C. Rosemeyer


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