Syrett Replaced By A Syrett Twin

City Councilor Claire Syrett is finally recalled for lack of connecting effectively with the Ward 7 households. The City Council receives 10 applications to fill the position, chooses five to interview based on their answers to questions initiated by the council — and obviously those that totally agree with the city council program — and out of the five, could not come to an agreement.

After taking another vote, they settled on what sounds like the twin sister of Syrett! Therefore, things will remain the same and nothing will be accomplished in relation to the unhoused, a new city hall, etc. However, we can certainly plan on how many homes we can cram onto a lot and the height that will be accepted.

Eugene needs some fresh faces and younger people that will inherit this job, as it is the future of the city. Term limits are a must-do next election.

Marlene Pearson