What Strong And Healthy Democracy?

The first week of December, EW ran a Viewpoint by Dan Bryant, “Political Relief Comes to Democrats.” In this piece Bryant discusses the better than expected midterm results for the Democratic Party, despite their loss of the House of Representatives. In his closing paragraph Bryant states, “Now it is up to us to do the hard work to make sure democracy remains strong and healthy for years to come.”

Mr. Bryant, what the fuck are you talking about? Bryant, like the EW editor and hordes of Democratic Party loyalists, seem to think that the Democratic Party is not corrupt and actually represents the public interest. Their donor list tells a very different story.

The Donald Trumps and Joe Bidens of the world don’t get elected in a strong and healthy democracy. Healthy democracies don’t allow hundreds of thousands of their citizens to go without shelter, millions to go without health care and go bankrupt from getting sick. We have a foreign policy by and for the military industrial complex. We have a financial system by and for Wall Street. We have an energy system by and for the fossil fuel industry. We have a health care system by and for Big Pharma and the health insurance corporations.

Both major parties are owned by the donor class. There’s really just one party: It’s the Money Party, and you aren’t in it. Bryant is either deliberately lying to people or completely out of touch with the political realities of this nation.

Joshua Welch


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