Going Electric Is A No Brainer For Climate

Mark Robinowitz is grumpy because environmental groups are not working on the issues that he thinks they should. It must be tough to be a leader without followers.

His contention that electrification is a marketing tool for local real estate could not be more absurd. The Eugene Realtors and the Home Builders Association worked with Northwest Natural to produce anti-electrification ads while real estate agents push gas. And contrary to his disinformation, Eugene electricity is 90 percent renewable, among the cleanest and cheapest in the country.

It’s a no-brainer. To address climate chaos we need to stop burning fossil fuels, especially natural gas which devastates our climate with methane leakage. This is exactly what electrification does. 

The entitled fossil fuel industry continues to be subsidized worldwide to the tune of half a trillion a year. They enrich themselves by dumping their waste into our atmosphere at no cost, the biggest free market failure in history. This is what governments can and should correct.

We can stand-up to Goliath. Kudos to the city of Eugene for its hard work and courage.

Chuck Areford