Visionaries Who Got Things Done

A big thank-you to Brian Obie and Craig Weicker, also Peter DeFazio and Phil Knight, for having vision as well as resources to improve our community.

My vision is to see a bike path on both sides of the Willamette River from Mount Pisgah to the Beltline Bridge. I see a 26-mile loop called the Nike Marathon Path in honor of all that Knight has done for the University of Oregon.

I also have a vision for a Peter DeFazio path. This path would run over the top of the Mill Race from the Willamette River to the notional intersection of Ferry Street and 10th Avenue. The path would turn south, go up Ferry Street and end at South Eugene High School. The path would require a multiple underpass system to link the Amazon trail to the river paths.

Just a dream of mine I wanted to share. 

Michael Ryan 


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