EWEB Used To Value Art

I was delighted and dismayed to read Bob Keefer’s news article “Yesterday’s Art” (Jan. 5) about the unknown fate of EWEB’s “Power,” “Heat” and “Light” frieze on the Leaburg Powerhouse.

Delighted that he describes the history and value of the powerhouse art while shining a spotlight on EWEB’s current managers’ lack of plans for what, if anything, to do with the frieze when the dam comes down. Luckily, there is time to plan. 

Dismayed to read what sounded like a prosaic explanation of EWEB’s mission in CEO Frank Lawson’s Nov. 30 report to the board. Also dismayed to read EWEB spokesman Aaron Orlowski’s half-hearted “we want to do what we can to preserve them.” 

I was EWEB’s in-house graphic designer from 1991 to 2005. I loved incorporating images of both the older frieze and the aquatic bas relief on the facade of the headquarters building in many of my projects. Then, EWEB’s history and art collection was something management, staff and the community valued. 

By publishing your article, I’m hoping present EWEB employees will encourage an imaginative solution to saving the frieze. I am also hoping it will encourage the community to do the same.

Julie Schaum


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