The Crisis Stabilization Center Needs To Hear Real Experience

Thanks for covering the need for support for Lane County residents in crisis (“Stuck in Crisis,” Jan. 12). This is my 47th year working for the empowerment of people impacted by mental or physical disabilities. Unfortunately, the public has been misled about human rights violations in this field. It is crucial the planners for the Lane Crisis Stabilization Center hear from groups of residents with lived experience of the mental health system.

Your article mentioned that I submitted a resolution to Lane County. This resolution was by the Lane Consumer Survivor Advisory Council, which, since 2004, has provided a voice for lived experience. An excerpt: “That the council immediately requests that Lane County Commissioners direct the county planners in the current process to include and adopt accountable policies that the peer presence and voice be included in every level of committees and planning of the current state assisted ‘Crisis Stabilization Center’….”

Your article uses the phrase “mental illness.” I no longer use that phrase for myself because this tends to give even more power to the medical model of mental and emotional distress and crisis. But I do appreciate your breaking the silence on this topic. Thanks.

David W. Oaks