Artificial Intelligence Stifles Creativity

How dumb can we get? AI will make sure we find out. Not only does this technology threaten the artistic world with an easy style stealer, the new writing app will certainly be used by students to write their papers for them.

Better teach kids cursive again and maybe bring in manual typewriters or word processors that have no computer component. Technology is leading us as if society only exists, person by person, as predictable benefactors that will buy anything with a tech brand name. In fact, making something that will sell and make a profit for the industry seems to be the only requirement for technical production and marketing.

Profits for technology do not matter much in the development of a human being from birth to adulthood. Humans come with immense potential, both physically and mentally, as is. But people need developmental experiences for all of the physical senses to send information to our brains. Having computer programs that paint and write for us is no gift. It is taking away the possibilities for skill mastery in communicating with language, the arts and the more subtle skill development of intuition, empathy and compassion. 

Creativity is a human gift, as is loving the natural world and loving other people. Computer programs and robots with artificial intelligence are not capable of human perception or affection. We can not just let the profits for the techie industry lead us away from our birthright of becoming fully human. Low tech is becoming more and more valuable in all stages of education.

Deb Huntley


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