AI is a Useful Tool

Artificial Intelligence applications have made incredible advances this year. Text to image, content writing generators, and ChatGPT have become usable by the average person, producing an explosion of huwoman-directed creativity. Hundreds of millions of images, libraries and university theses have been gleaned from the internet to teach algorithms how to write, make images and even answer questions requested using text descriptions of desired content. This distillation of huwoman creativity has identified certain tendencies: nakedness is popular, and the writing can produce racist, ideological material.

AI products are uniquely huwomen biproducts because we direct all queries. These creative tools, like calculators or typewriters, generate what we request. People who have difficulties writing can use writing generators to communicate ideas that otherwise would have been impossible. As a digital artist, AI is an opportunity to express my wonder of this universe that I could never draw or paint. And the mistakes, the happy accidents that AI produces, are often brilliant and reflect our ASSumptions about art.

 Children in school will continue to learn math, regardless of the calculator, reading, and, perhaps, more emphasis on physical writing to prevent cheating. But now they have access to the perspective of an algorithm made with all academic knowledge at their fingertips. Our responsibility is to make adjustments to our behavior utilizing this progress, this resynthesized information, in a non-toxic, sustainable, peaceful and kind manner.

The use of “huwoman” references the e.e. cummings poem using “manunkind.”

Tanna Giroux


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