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Sexy Handcrafted Lingerie

Local undergarment maker hosts Valentine’s pop up shop and boudoir photo opportunity 

Everyone is worthy of well-fitting lingerie, undergarments that make them feel and look lovely,” says local lingerie maker Liat Lis. Lis’ online business, Tova Lis Lingerie, sells handcrafted lingerie pieces for any body type. 

She deep-dived into sewing about six or seven years ago and worked for Kelly Durian, another maker in town, who makes bow ties and suspenders. That experience left Lis interested in doing her own kind of production and led her to the idea of creating lingerie. 

“I’ve loved lingerie since I went through puberty, probably beforehand,” Lis added.

Lis is co-hosting a pop-up shop with Athena Delene of Delene & Co. photography Feb. 11. 

She says people can expect “some fun body positivity,” ready-made items on sale, custom fittings, custom orders and more to look forward to. 

Tova Lis Lingerie is an inclusive brand. Lis says, “I do all my pattern-making myself so I’m able to draft it to any size, and it’s for any owners of any genitals and any size chest, bust, tits, hips — everything.” The materials she uses include bamboo jersey, stretch mesh from Italy, stretch lace and organic cotton. 

She began her business journey by making lingerie for herself and her friends before growing her clientele. Then she expanded her patterning to fit other bodies and sold on Etsy. She’s been slowly rolling “and getting more and more professional and confident with the products that I’m making,” she says. 

Before the pandemic, Lis hosted pop-up shops through the Whiteaker Community Market. In the 2019 and 2020 Portland Unmentionable Fashion Show, models displayed some of her lingerie, and she sold her items at the event. But since the pandemic, her business has been online. “I am really stoked to do an in-person sale,” she says.

The Feb. 11 pop-up at Delene & Co.’s photography shared studio space will include complimentary Polaroid photos from a photo booth that will encourage people “to take some fun photos and maybe do something a little bit outside their comfort zone,” Delene says. Props and set pieces are available during the shoots. People can take boudoir photos or come dressed up in whatever they like. 

The night before, Feb. 10, Delene & Co. will host a Valentine’s Day-themed photo experience that is family-friendly and for everyone.

Lis and Delene have worked together from the beginning of Lis’ lingerie business. “It’s been fun to grow together and evolve,” Delene says. Delene has done photo shoots to promote the different items sold on Lis’s website.

Lis says that her business is her passion, and she loves doing it at her own pace and by herself. “It’s a sweet solo activity,” she says, and her customers should feel empowered, sexy and comfortable. For Lis, lingerie is a “great opportunity for self-romance,” she added.

“I find that I have a hard time feeling comfortable in my life if I’m not comfortable in my body,” Lis says. “I find that well-fitting, lovely undergarments really help set a foundation of making me feel good in my body — and good in myself.”

Delene & Co. hosts a Valentine’s Day-themed photo booth in collaboration with Tova Lis Lingerie Feb. 10. Tova Lis Lingerie and Delene & Co. host a lingerie pop-up shop Feb. 11; both events are at 1331 Willamette Street. More info at

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