But What About ‘Rock Around The Clock’?

In response to the recent cover story (“Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,” Feb. 9) asking whether or not rock ‘n’ roll is noise pollution: You bet!

No one type of music has the right to be loud. Any category of music is noise pollution if it is intruding into the private space, including garden or patio, of people who have not chosen to listen to it. This principle holds whether the music is rock ‘n’ roll or opera. 

Notification and limited frequency would seem to be the way through for indie bands wanting some outdoor play. It sounds (ha!) like Sigi Allen has the right idea in distributing flyers to neighbors and holding events only about once a month.

When music that someone has not chosen is imposed upon them, and they have no way of knowing whether this will be unusual or become the new normal, irritation rises very fast to intense levels. Frequent or unannounced loud outdoor concerts in residential districts show a basic lack of consideration for others. Those involved should expect to have neighbors call EPD.

And kudos to Eugene police officers for facing large audience groups who are upset at having their listening interrupted. This cannot be a pleasant job for them, and they deserve respect for carrying it through.

Carlis Nixon


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