Roundabout Doubts

I am reading about the proposed changes to Franklin Boulevard that will impact access to Market of Choice and Hirons (“Going Roundabout,” Feb. 9). Wow. The mighty roundabout, all hail! It is certainly the pinnacle of modern engineering genius, and all graduates of modern engineering schools must sign on to always support this marvelous structural concept before receiving a degree.

Or maybe that’s just my perception. 

I can totally envision the scenario mentioned in which the MOC and Hirons are replaced by another 12-story “student housing” gray box. Because that’s where the money is now in Eugene. 

Yep, lots more roundabouts, more 12-story gray boxes — what a great future it will be!

Meanwhile, the proposal to build a number of roundabouts on Main Street in Springfield has been put on hold because of rejection by the public. Why?

Phil Robbins