Springfield Police Won’t Protect The Homeless

The Springfield police non-emergency personnel have no compassion or empathy for the homeless.

Example: The other day while at Island Park in Springfield, I watched a man drive up to a homeless man’s encampment who, just minutes before, had been sleeping under a tree as the snow fell. The homeless man had stepped away and this man was now rooting around the unattended belongings, taking a thermos from the small pile.

I called the Springfield non-emergency number to report the theft and was met with indifference. I was told, with a snicker, that the homeless man needed to call in and report the theft as there was nothing that they could do. This translated to mean that the homeless man’s belongings were fair game to be taken by anyone. 

Yes, please go to Eugene, because should you happen to unfortunately pass away, you’ll be left in your belongings and the Springfield personnel won’t care for you, as there is nothing they can do.

Vicki Klein


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