A Response To The Outbreak Of Antisemitic Flyers

As an active presence in Lane County, we, the Oregon Interfaith Hub, stand together with many other religious communities and Lane County citizens to condemn the recent spreading of malicious antisemitic flyers across Eugene and Springfield.

When antisemitism surfaces in Lane County or anywhere, we, the Oregon Interfaith Hub, proclaim: “No!” There is simply no place for intolerance, racism and antisemitism in our towns and county. Nothing is served by actions and teachings clearly designed to frighten and traumatize already deeply fearful good folks in our communities. May those responsible be held accountable and experience a lasting change of heart.

Our hearts go out to all our Jewish sisters and brothers. Together as a community, let’s call out this noxious and dangerous incitement and invasive and traumatizing behavior and claim what we truly stand for. We ask all of you to consider these matters in your heart and respond as you are guided. Finally, if you feel called to join us in our quest to create a more loving and compassionate community in Lane County and beyond, please visit us at OIFH.org.

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel,
OIFH board chair

Rev. Ed Conrad,
OIFH executive director

Hafiz Leland, Rebecca DesPrez and Len Seligman,
OIFH board members