The Rich Developer Gets Richer

On Monday, Feb. 13, the Eugene City Council, acting on a recommendation from the Eugene so-called Planning Commission, approved an amendment to the land use code to remove height restrictions that were enacted in part to preserve the view of Skinner Butte from the south.

I find this outrageous, although obviously not the most outrageous act of this city council. Over the years, the city has given Brian Obie everything he has asked for, always justified by assertions of the economic boom, and this time, added vibrancy to the downtown area. All these gifts have further enriched an already wealthy businessman.

How many penthouse suites do his developments boast, and how many more will be built? Most of us will never know. This story is so ho-hum, though. Same old same old — the public takes the hit when an insider wants or needs a favor from the elected body, always so willing to oblige.

I have two questions for our city officials: What has Obie done for Eugene to pay us back for our generosity. And, what community organizations does he help fund with the windfall profits he must be thankful for.

Lauri Segel


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