Eeeek, An E-Bike!

Attention e-bike owners: Apparently, there is a group of bicycle purists in the area that view the e-bike as not a real bike and will curse at you, especially if you pass them on the bike path near Skinner Butte Park.

This group, as far as I can determine, consists of a very specific demographic: men in the age group of 62 to 71 years riding older 10-speed style bicycles.

Some of these men are shirtless, and can become incredibly upset If you dare pass them “on your left.” This act, I found out recently, results in a fury of insults, directed at the e-bike itself. Luckily, the e-bike has a calm and resilient demeanor, and when called a “piece of shit” the e-bike just takes this in stride, stays calm and carries on. Sadly, the purists remain resentful and angry.

Technology can be a bitter pill to swallow.

John Carlson 


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