Clean House In Cottage Grove

After the embarrassing revelations of the immature and cringe-worthy antics of its police force, it’s time for the architect of that force to resign or be fired.

City Manager Richard Meyers, who has ruled the town for more than 20 years, is directly responsible for the actions of his departments. He hired this disreputable police chief and captain and stood behind them as they acted like out-of-control frat boys.

Meyers has consistently held Cottage Grove’s spineless city councilors hostage, demanding and receiving what is the state’s highest paid Manager salary (based on population) at more than $130,000 annually, plus generous benefits. Meyers has siphoned off more than $2 million from Cottage Grove taxpayers over his reign of incompetency.

Meyers currently oversees a city whose only growth over the past five years is represented by empty and shuttered storefronts and a growing homeless population. The only businesses expanding in town are marijuana dispensaries.

Cottage Grove citizens should demand that the City Council fire Meyers, and begin a search for a city manager who knows something about hiring competent police and growing the local economy, not padding their own wallet.

Alex Kaye

Cottage Grove