Don’t Believe The Natural Gas Hype

I have seen a barrage of information coming out about energy security from our local gas company. Here is my experience. I was staying at a friend’s house when the electricity went out. Their gas furnace shut off at the same time — no heat. Almost all gas furnaces now have electronic starting devices, so they do not work in a power outage. And if you are smart enough to bypass that electronic starter, or have an old style continual pilot light, the fan to circulate the hot air doesn’t work. This both does not give you heat and is  dangerous from uncirculated heat building up.

Your older gas stove will work, but so does our energy efficient small wood stove that heats and cooks for those rare occasions when the power may go out. 

Please think this through. We must transition to clean electricity, which we are lucky to have with EWEB being 90 percent clean. We can all do our part to secure a stable climate future for our children and grandchildren. Please think this through for yourself, don’t believe the hype!

Linda Kelley