More Variety, Please, In Astrology

Over the last two decades I have read the local weekly from cover to cover and, in general, love the variety of interesting stories our quirky community inspires. However, unfortunately, I can’t say the astrology section has ever been a part I look forward to reading.

Not that I don’t realize this area of expertise is for the most part open to interpretation of the reader and how it relates to our own lives. I am not a fan of the constant use of metaphors and quotes in long drawn out comparisons to explain how each sign can use it to relate or reflect on the lesson it has to offer. Blah,blah blah, most of the time it seems to lose my interest half way through my birth signs section.

I for one would love to read more than one author’s advice in this section with a slightly simpler style easy to understand and recall as we navigate life in the week ahead. I don’t want to upset anyone with my opinion, and I am only suggesting a variety might be nice. I would be interested if any other readers have similar opinions. And may all of the zodiac signs go out and spread kindness in the coming week. 

Michele Messere Legg 

Leo/Virgo cusp