Faux Folk

Come on. Really? Am I the only one who is a bit shocked by the return of a faux Kingston Trio (“Just Folks,”  (EW 4/13)? Here is a national group that’s touring with all new musicians. In order to use the name “Kingston Trio,” shouldn’t there be at least one original member?

For the record, I’m aware that the group today — if it did have an original member — would have a very elderly original member. Because of that, perhaps the current members feel that they aren’t required to announce that they are not original. 

But, even so, I still don’t think using the name is an honest endeavor. Plus, I think the example given of the 49ers football team is really a stretch. 

To my mind, this whole ploy is at least disingenuous, if not plainly deceptive. 

Lou Caton


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