Hamilton For 4J School Board

I volunteered extensively for Eugene 4J schools for two decades, including four years on the 4J school board. It is an honor to be one of a group working to do what’s right for our community. The most successful boards bring together people with a variety of backgrounds and skills and honor the varied life experiences each brings to the table.

I am supporting Rick Hamilton for the board for many reasons. As a person of color and former police officer who worked to improve the culture at his organization, he will provide a needed, important skill set. As a coach and volunteer for three decades, he has shown his commitment to service to the community and his understanding of the needs of our youth. And most of all, one of Hamilton’s superpowers is his work in conflict resolution. The current board has been marked by discord. Hamilton would be able to wade through this and find consensus to do what’s right for Eugene children.

Eileen Nittler