School Boards and Unhoused Campers

From politics to homelessness, local voices weigh in

School Board Races


I am a 4J parent, very active in my kids’ schools. I watch our school board closely and do my research. I am a very strong supporter of Rick Hamilton for the school board. In his childhood, Hamilton knew poverty, discrimination and living with a lack of hope. But he had drive, and he became the first member of his family to get a high school diploma and a college degree, in education. He had a career with the state police, where he continuously was a voice for change, and led diversity equity and inclusion efforts.

This was a tough place, but Hamilton is well known for the kindness and respect he showed to all, even in the most tense situations. Having been racially profiled as a kid, he understands all sides of these issues.

Hamilton and his wife raised four kids in 4J, and have volunteered extensively for Eugene kids for three decades, coaching teams, leading summer camps — big commitments of time and effort.

Hamilton brings a valuable perspective and life experience to the board. He has proven that he considers and respects all points of view, and is dedicated to kids. He is the candidate to restore civility and respect, which we need if we are going to solve problems.

We need leaders with this important life experience and level of integrity. My family is voting for Hamilton.

Jackson Kellogg



My wife and I are retired educators who support Tom DiLiberto for 4J School Board.

I worked 18 years on a daily basis with DiLiberto. We were on numerous school committees, including weekly staff meetings. DiLiberto is passionate about education and he is also open to others’ thoughts and opinions. One of his understated traits is his sense of humor which he often utilized to defuse contentious meetings. At our school, he was a leader among his peers and was widely respected. His perspective influenced our school’s policy and direction.

As a counselor, I would assess students’ social, emotional and educational needs. DiLiberto not only made sure each student progressed academically, he was especially adept at making sure their social and emotional needs were also met.

Our three children were not only taught Spanish by DiLiberto, he also influenced their career choices. Our son is a bilingual medical health team leader in Eugene, our daughter was in the Peace Corps and worked in Honduras, and our other daughter uses her Spanish as a veterinarian.

His professionalism extends beyond the classroom by supporting teachers statewide.

DiLiberto is the right person at the right time with the right educational leadership skill set. We are voting for DiLiberto as 4J’s next school board member.

Curtis and Janet Dunham



I am writing as a concerned member of our community regarding education. Our public education here in Eugene needs the voice of its educators and community involved in its greatest decisions. It’s a little shocking to me that a classroom teacher has never sat on the Eugene 4J School Board, which seems like a fundamental requirement, but it is not. Currently, Tom DiLiberto is running for School Board Position No. 1. DiLiberto has been a pillar in our 4J community for more than 30 years and was an educator for nearly 40 years. DiLiberto values student voice and parent and community input in decisions that will directly impact our students in the classroom. Additionally, his priorities put students first and forefront of his decisions, especially our most vulnerable and underrepresented populations.

As a fellow educator, I can rest easy knowing that someone who has my lived experience is helping to lead our district progressively forward. DiLiberto believes in a more balanced education for students that includes improved mental health resources and less frequent standardized testing as well as teaching to the whole child, not just emphasizing the tested subjects.

DiLiberto is someone we need for our students, staff and community. He is someone who is willing and wanting to put in the work to do better and improve the education for our students here in 4J.

He is someone I wholeheartedly endorse as a positive force on the board.

Nicholas S. Hadley



Unhoused Camping


I’m glad someone at the city is taking illegal camping seriously. You can’t camp in city parks — not rocket science — and I’m sure it is well known in the homeless community, and before the complaints start about the number of vehicles towed, keep in mind that almost half were for vehicles parked in tow-away zones or as a safety issue. The same thing would happen to your car if parked similarly.

While I commend the city’s efforts in these areas, why is the city council giving tax breaks for building housing (5th Avenue and Ferry Street) to builders that will charge $2,100 for a studio and $2,800 for a 2 bedroom apartment?

Don French



Today, I drove by a tent located along a public street. It has been at the location for at least three days, with a growing spread of debris, a stolen grocery cart and more.

Two hours’ notice to move from this illegal, garbage-strewn site is generous and shows compassion appropriate to the circumstances created by erecting the tent and garbage pile. My compliments to the city of Eugene for aggressively stopping the despoliation of public lands.

I add that homeless sites along the riverbank could be set to five minutes’ notice before removal. The amount of garbage going into the river from these camps has been an awful result of prior city policy. We of Eugene should be better served.

Mike Lewis


Abortion Rights (or not)


For those of you who are religious, we know God foretells events far ahead, and they come to pass. Just as the angel told Mary she would have a baby without any intervention of a male. Many others’ names have been written down ahead of time before they came to be.

“From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:26-27).

Since God already knows in advance who those children are, God doesn’t like people murdering his creation before they can be born or in the womb. Think about that: You wouldn’t be here if someone else chose to have an abortion. You couldn’t live long enough to be born to write this letter to the editor asking to live. Why not give them the choice?

So many people want to carry a baby but circumstances and turmoil occurs. Please, reach out to those who care for you: family, friends, churches, organizations to help you and give you aid to make a different choice. May God bless you.

Bill Northrup


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