Time For A New School Board

It’s a good time for change. That is particularly true for the Eugene 4J School Board. Recent board meetings have been chaotic, charges have been flung and members are leaving. Five seats are turning over in one year. It’s never been this bad.

It’s no way to run a multi-million-dollar organization like the Eugene school district. Something has to change. Much of the problem has been poor meeting management and ignoring policy. That’s a leadership problem. I taught in local schools for 40 years. I served two terms on the Lane Community College Board, twice as chair. It’s not hard to spot weak management.

The election coming up May 16 will give voters a chance to effect that change. Much of the current board is leaving. The only incumbent up for re-election is Gordon Lafer, who served as vice-chair this past year during this dysfunction.

Some great replacements stand in the wings. Challenging the incumbent is Rick Hamilton, a youth volunteer, coach and former police officer who led diversity teams at his work and worked with underprivileged youth; a man who has endured yet risen above racial discrimination. Morgan Munro is a community leader; she served admirably as chair of the KLCC Foundation Board. She is running for open seat position 5. Long-time Eugene educator Tom DiLiberto is running for another open seat, position 1. 

Voters will be deciding on a new board. Good candidates are ready to manage and lead. It’s time to vote for change.

Pat Albright


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