4J Needs Diliberto’s Experience And Voice

For 31 years, Tom DiLiberto served the students and families of District 4J as a beloved middle school teacher, respected by students, colleagues and families alike. A candidate for Position No. 1 on the 4J School Board, DiLiberto knows first-hand what it takes to run a successful classroom, meet the needs of a diverse student body and keep parents informed about their students’ progress.

As a recently retired 4J teacher myself, I have known DiLiberto for more than 20 years. In addition to being an outstanding teacher, he is one of the most ethical, dedicated and informed people I know.

In today’s divisive political climate around public schools, our district needs DiLiberto’s measured approach and extensive classroom experience to help shape school policies that will serve all students. DiLiberto’s understanding of the district’s needs are reflected in his priorities: addressing students’ mental health, reducing class size, ensuring student equity and inclusion and improving educator recruitment and retention.

Like many school districts, 4J faces daunting challenges in the wake of the pandemic and an increasingly polarized education policy environment. Now, more than ever, we need DiLiberto’s voice and experience on the board.

Tad Shannon