Vote ‘Yes’ On The Jail Levy To Support Mental Health

I will be voting “yes” on Measure 20-340 to renew the Lane County Jail and Youth Services Levy. Since we first passed this levy 10 years ago, the Sheriff’s Office has delivered on what was promised — the minimum number of 255 jail beds has been maintained, and not a single person charged with a violent Measure 11 crime has been released early due to lack of capacity. This levy will not raise taxes, and I believe the cost of $118 per year for the median homeowner provides a good value for our money.

As a behavioral health leader in our community, I want to address the harmful misconception that not renewing the public safety levy would create more available funding for behavioral health services, like treatment or CAHOOTS. If voters fail to renew the public safety levy, the most likely outcome would be the redirection of funding from behavioral health and supportive services to operate the jail at minimum capacity. Voting “no” will not only make our community less safe, but it also risks the possibility that fewer of our neighbors will have access to lifesaving treatment. 

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Please vote “yes” on Measure 20-340 and make sure to turn in your ballot by 8 pm on Tuesday, May 16. 

Chris Wig


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