Campaign On Issues, Not Biases

Steve Hiatt in his online letter (May 12) raises an unfair assumption about 4J School Board candidate Rick Hamilton, who has repeatedly stated that he did not seek the Oregon Family Council’s endorsement on their mailer. Hiatt can offer his opinion of course, but he is not connected to the Lafer campaign.

I am a member of Gordon Lafer’s campaign team, and while I appreciate Hiatt’s reference to Lafer’s endorsement of the Democrat’s Stonewall Caucus (LGBTQ) in his letter, I disagree with his analysis of our opponent. Nothing in Hamilton’s past indicates any bias. And while I understand we have communities that have reason to fear police, Hamilton’s career in law enforcement is not relevant here. He spent his working life as a public employee — just as I did as a teacher.

We are eager to have a healthy debate over the issues, not over innuendo, rumor or bias. The public deserves all political campaigns to pledge to do this.

Larry Lewin