Eugene’s Homeless Policy Doesn’t Measure Up

What insightful and thorough investigative reporting by Catalyst (“Security through Obscurity,” EW May 11). What a powerful punch of a headline. (Thanks, Councilor Jennifer Yeh.)

After reading the convoluted proposed code for camping, and about the shameful reluctance to provide a map, I am wondering if the city might at least provide free measuring tapes to each unhoused person in Eugene so that they may fairly comply with the new law. If the unhoused have no way of knowing if they are within 100 feet from the Willamette, or 1,000 feet from any school or educational facility, are they going to rely on the police to do the measuring or doing rough estimates?

It’s most disappointing, at a time when citizens were about to vote for the Jail Levy and the Parks and Recreation operation and maintenance levy (20-343), that the unhoused crisis is addressed from the perspective of more funding for police enforcement, jail and eviction as a solution for community safety policy. The scale seems to be tipping heavily towards the concerns of the haves vs. those of the have nots. The gap widens again, make no mistake, it’s to the detriment of all.

maRco Elliott


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