Anyone But Trump

As a Bernie-voting democratic socialist, it brings me no pleasure to say that Trump was right. The Durham report lays to rest the idea that Russia’s election meddling resulted in Trump’s 2016 election. Even if Russia did do a few things to influence voters — something the U.S. does all over the world — any reasonable Democratic candidate should have mopped the floor with Trump’s silly hair. But, oh no, it just had to be Hillary Clinton, an odious, corporate, neocon war hawk.

You do have to feel for what Hillary and the DNC must have been going through the day after Trump won. Ideally, they would have done some serious soul-searching and asked, “How on Earth did we manage to lose to an arrogant, racist, sexist, grotesquely narcissistic, pussy grabbing buffoon?” Alas, such soul-searching was not in their skill set, so they shifted the blame by launching the Russia-Russia-Russia hoax.

Let’s just hope the economy doesn’t totally tank between now and November 2024, because four more years of that clearly diagnosable sociopath would be unbearable.

Robert Bolman


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