The Tax System Can Help The Homeless

Eugene, like cities across the country, is struggling with the homeless crisis. It is a national crisis that deserves a national solution (“Eugene’s Homeless Policy Doesn’t Measure Up,” by maRco Elliot, EW, May 18). One of the best ways for Congress to deal with this and other problems of poverty is our tax system. The expanded child tax credit cut child poverty by 46 percent, and families had a better chance to pay rent, utilities and buy food.

Let’s call on our representatives, 202-224-3121, to renew it. A proposed renter tax credit would end families already struggling with poverty, yet paying up to 90 percent of their income for rent. By capping their rent to income ratio at 30 percent, millions could remain housed. With the current housing voucher program only reaching 25 percent of those who qualify, a renter tax credit could reach all in need and without the years of waiting for a voucher or the landlord that takes them. With tax breaks for the wealthy are up for renewal, it is time instead to level the playing field and give those families experiencing poverty relief with these tax initiatives. America’s future will be better for it.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington

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