Don’t Stoop To Personal Attacks

I once moderated a political debate forum. The number one rule was, and is, no personal attacks. I read the lengthy opinion penned by Anya Dobrowolski, Jesselyn Perkins, and Jacob and Matie Trewe (Letters, June 1). and I failed to discover any information, data or reasoned argument. It was simply an emotionally charged personal attack against Paul Conte.

I am not a friend, ally, or acquaintance of Conte, but I despair of fact-free personal attacks that leave no one better informed. It is a tactic I associate with right wing media. Shame on Eugene Weekly for using precious newspaper space for such dross. 

Laurie Nicholson

Editor’s Note: The letter in question was specific in its allegations against Conte, from Conte calling City Council candidate Barbie Walker “a whore” to anti-transit campaigns, and as such was not an ad hominem attack.

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