Real Leaders Serve, Not Bully

It’s great to see neighbors speaking up about toxic bullies like Paul Conte (“Conte Will Stop at Nothing,” Letters, June 1). For too long, he’s had an outsized influence in our community and is inhibiting real progress in Eugene, specifically the Jefferson Westside. We also need to call out the accomplices and enablers who cowardly support him, silently hiding behind their Conte-bulldog to maintain a do-gooder facade.

We need to call out such bully-trolls and expel them from our community forums if they refuse to change. Such patriarchal programming has no place in our communities and shared future.

We need servant leaders who can understand the changing needs of our communities and operate for the good of everyone. Servant leaders aren’t concerned with retaining power, but achieving good faith representation for those they serve. They’re curious, not reactionary. They don’t want to maintain a status quo nor push their own agenda; they know evolution is necessary for community growth and creating prosperity for all. Servant leaders want to elevate their communities to their highest potential. 

Matthew Coe

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