What If It’s The Gas Stove?

I have always loved cooking with gas. Seven years ago I would have bought a gas stove if I’d had a gas connection. But, now, I have a grandson who seems to be perpetually sick. In his first two years, he has been in the ER more times than I can count. One day he’s fine and the next day he can’t breathe.

He was born in New England in December when all the windows are closed up tight. My son and daughter-in-law have a gas stove. When I’ve been to visit, I could smell the fumes. Never once did the doctor or nurse question them about their gas stove.

There is simply no data available on gas stoves in homes where people suffer from asthma. None. Is the natural gas industry so powerful that even to question its safety is prohibited? This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Wouldn’t you want to know what’s causing our childrens’ health problems? What if it’s the stove? I’ve read that getting a home tested is very difficult. Why is that? 

Margaret Moore