Don’t Join In The Deceitful Recall

As a proud former labor representative for SEIU Local 503 and the Oregon Nurses Association, I know how important it is for Oregon workers to have a champion in the Legislature. State Rep. Paul Holvey is one of those champions. As chair of the House Business and Labor he has been a leader in making Oregon one of the most progressive states when it comes to worker protections.

I met Holvey when he was advocating for workers as a union representative with the Pacific Northwest Carpenters. His leadership is no surprise, as Holvey has been a steadfast supporter of working people his entire career. 

Just one example: In 2019, Holvey took the lead on passing landmark legislation that established access to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for workers to care for a child after birth, or to care for a family member or themselves when experiencing a serious health condition. Why? Because you should never have to choose between caring for your family and keeping your job.

In 2016, Holvey was the chief architect of legislation that raised the minimum wage across the state. 

The idea that Holvey doesn’t stand up for working people is ridiculous, as is the misleading recall effort against him. We are lucky to have such a strong labor advocate representing House District 8, and I encourage you to join me in refusing to sign the deceitful recall petition. 

Maureen Smith

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