Donate Unused Items, Don’t Abandon Them

It’s the time of the year many people clean out garages, back yards, decks, etc. Oftentimes, unwanted items, found while cleaning, are placed on the curb or boulevard with a “free” sign in front of them. These free items are frequently picked up by those living on the streets. Perhaps they’ll use those items, or hope they can trade or sell them.

These items are then hauled around for a time, and discarded. They are discarded behind buildings, in empty lots, the river and creeks. Eventually they pile up and are removed, using tax dollars.

Rather than put things out on the street, consider donating useful items to St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill. Determine if they can be recycled, or organize a neighborhood dump run. Tax dollars need not be spent picking up other’s discards.

Help keep Eugene/Springfield clutter free.

Bob Kennedy

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