No News Desert Here, Bears, Baseball and More in Slant

A young bear recently wandered into the grounds of Cascade Manor in south Eugene. Five deer rested on a lawn on Birch Lane near Hendricks Park. The usual flocks of wild turkeys scattered around town. There’s always a cougar sighting or two. It’s humans who are encroaching on their habitat. Stay calm, don’t call 9-1-1 — and don’t pet them, either. 

If you know the Weekly, you know we are tired of the “news desert” narrative some out-of-town folks are tossing around when they talk about Lane County. Let’s start with the obvious — we’re here, we’re printing 32,000 papers a week and getting 50,000 web hits a month on our online EW Extra coverage. And we know some of you hate it when we say it, but The Register-Guard folks are hanging in there — their recent graduation coverage was super fun and community oriented. Then there’s the folks at KLCC knocking it out of the park with their news coverage (and cool fundraising pet bandanas). The Chronicle is nailing it with coverage of Springfield, Creswell and more. And finally  there’s the Highway 58 Herald, bringing print back to Oakridge and surrounding communities. The online start-up-that-could is going to print twice a month. There’s more, but you get the gist of it — support local news!   


Nostra culpa, we didn’t get the sudoku in last week (but we are now!).We hear you; you love your puzzles. We love them, too — they’re the gateway to reading news! It costs us roughly $79 to hold a place for the sudoku and $385 for the crossword spot. Printing papers costs money — so thank our advertisers, please, and consider a contribution at to pay for a puzzle or two. Any advertisers want to sponsor a puzzle? We can tell you right now, readers notice their crosswords and sudokus!! 

Soccer is kicking at Civic Park. But darn — if you want to catch the last Lane United Women’s match against the OlyTown Artesians, then prepare to travel to Olympia, Washington, 7 pm June 30. That’s the way to witness the combo of local and national talent. But, what about the men? Those Reds have proven themselves worthy of much local support. They are playing stylish ball at Civic Park. Maybe they can bring back the tradition of Lochmead ice cream, this time in a half soccer ball cup instead of an Ems ball cap. Looking forward to nostalgia and stands brimming with kids making their own summer night memories.

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