A Few Reflections

How about a maximum wage law of 40 times the minimum hourly wage? If you can’t live on 40 times what you pay your workers, perhaps you should pay your workers more.

 Show liberals a glass that’s half full and they’ll say, “It’s half full.” Show conservatives a glass that’s 98 percent full, and they’ll want to know who stole all their water. Show a MAGAT a glass that’s 100 percent full, and he’ll tip it over and blame the fact that they’re thirsty on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

They (you know who they are) claim to be Christian, but hate and irrational viciousness flows from their mouths like stench from an abattoir. Christ never snarled, spit, cursed or bullied. His face never turned scarlet with rage, the veins in his forehead never bulged, spittle never flew from his mouth. Can the same things be said about the enemies of Christ who preach hatred and speak foulness in the name of Christ?

Remember the scene in It’s a Wonderful Life where young George Bailey is yelling to Mr. Gower, “It’s poison I tell ya. It’s poison!”

That’s what the non-crazy America is yelling to Fox listeners.

Jamie Selko

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