Holvey Knows That Democracy Is About Building A Majority

My state representative, Paul Holvey, understands that democracy isn’t about “my way or the highway.” To get anything done, you need to work with people with different priorities to build a majority. I first had the pleasure of working with Holvey in the mid 2000s when I was part of the West Eugene Collaborative, looking to bring people together around transportation solutions. After hearing concerns from his constituents further to the west along Highway 126, Holvey enlisted the WEC to support state funding for safety.

Later, after hearing from elected officials across Lane County that critical transportation issues needed the attention of more than just the county commissioners, Holvey sponsored a bill to establish the Lane Area Commission on Transportation. Today, I have the pleasure of serving as the vice-chair of LaneACT, a diverse group of 30 elected officials and other stakeholders who advise the Oregon Department of Transportation on funding priorities. We don’t always agree, but we understand we can be more successful when we come together.

Alas, some don’t appear to understand that democracy is about majorities and elections, not just catering to their special interests. Rather than waiting for the next election in 2024 to provide voters with a choice in candidates, they are taking the extraordinary step of asking for a special election this year.

Please join me in opposing the recall campaign against our state representative, Paul Holvey.

Rob Zako

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