Trump’s Tacky Theater of the Absurd

I guess Trump is too busy defending his right to have classified documents dumped all over his Mar-a-Lago ranchero to realize how ridiculously embarrassing his tacky digs look to most people. A gaudy chandelier in a guest bathroom to catch your eye and another over the cheapo low-rise toilet to bonk your head on if you’re a tall guy taking a whizz, or older and struggling to get up.

It’s all about the faux opulence to impress struggling people with no interest in what they need. And the banker’s boxes on the ballroom stage — who is performing there? Maybe they are for guest actors to dig through and perform comedy sketches about our weapon capabilities and our plans and strategies with allies throughout the world where our special forces are.

In that giant compound was there no place for at least one secure storage room to stack it all? Or did you just want it displayed like a pathetic little kid bringing something exciting and forbidden to school for show and tell?

DT, I could easily fit every banker’s box in my little 8×10 shed even with five large totes of Halloween stuff. And mine has a lock. 

Carole Biondello

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